Victor H: May 2012 Player of the Month

Congratulations to Victor H., Koa Sports‚Äô May Player of the Month!! Victor is a 3rd grader at Cold Spring Elementary School and is a natural on the diamond. In only his second baseball season, Victor attacked the game like a seasoned veteran. A member of the ACC Tigers in the Koa Spartan League, he plays with enthusiasm and is always a great sport! Back in his first baseball season, Victor even played against 4th graders in multiple kid pitch games! The Koa coaches all agree — has a bright future in baseball!! Keep up the good work Victor!

Emma N: April 2012 Player of the Month

Emma N is a fourth grader at St. Jane DeChantal in Bethesda. Currently, Emma is a powerhouse for Coach Alana on the Mudcat Boilermakers where she is a huge threat at the plate (she hates getting walked!). Emma’s a natural athlete with an eye for play making and she loves 2nd base where she is the perfect fit.

Emma is a coach’s dream, never missing a game and attending weekday practices as well. She has an outstanding attitude and always has a smile on her face. She is coachable and is always looking for new tips to help her out on the field. Emma was also caught practicing at a local field on an off day! Keep up the good work Emma!

Jack H: March 2012 Player of the Month

Meet Jack “Heff” H. Heff is a 6th grader at N. Bethesda MS. He plays for the 11U East travel baseball team under Coach Mike Evans. Jack continues to impress the Koa Coaching staff with his contagious effort level. Over the winter, Jack would attend TWO one-hour pitching classes AND multiple one-hour speed and agility classes back to back to back! He loves the game and proves it everytime he steps on the field! Check out Jack’s buddy from a recent Nats v Cubs game in Chicago!

Thanks to Jack’s positive attitude and uncanny work ethic, his potential is limitless! Keep up the good work Jack!

Jackson H: February 2012 Player of the Month

Jackson is a 3rd grade at Gibbs ES, where he is a great student. He loves to play chess and other board games, but his real passion is sports!! He plays soccer, flag football and hoops throughout the year. Basketball is his first love and he watches it as much as he plays it. And believe us — he can play! Jackson was part of the Spartan Magic 3rd grade winter hoops team. Although it‚Äôs his first year with Koa Sports, this is his third year playing basketball. Jackson showed his magic this season with the game winning shot in double over time. The sudden death over time walk off win was pretty exciting, reported Magic Coach Aris! When Jackson isn’t playing hoops, he enjoys being outside, playing with friends and watching sports. We are expecting a lot more magic from Jackson!

Simone L: January 2012 Player of the Month

Simone L tops our list as the first player of the month for 2012! A 4th grader at Chevy Chase Elementary, Simone plays for Koa‚Äôs Mudcat Storm winter hoops team. Although it‚Äôs Simone‚Äôs first year playing for a basketball team, you‚Äôd never know it — she is a natural! Her great hustle, awesome effort, and eagerness to learn are a winning combination. She has impressed Coach Bianca and Coach Kelly with how quickly she is learning the game and with her unmatched team spirit. Simone is a great addition to the Koa Sports League lineup!

Mac A: December 2011 Player of the Month

Hut 1 Hut 2 – Meet December’s Player of the Month Mac A. A freshman at Georgetown Day School, Mac was a member of the Koa Fall Flag Football League Wolverines – the Big 10 Championship team! Mac’s no slouch on the baseball diamond either. He’s part of the Koa 2015 Travel Team where he’s a versatile player with speed. He pitches, catches, and can play all 3 outfield positions.

As part of the Koa/Next Level program for over 8 seasons, Mac has made a big impression with coaches and players with his energetic personality. Word is, he can carry on a conversation with people of any age. We expect to see more good things from Mac!

Michael J: November 2011 Player of the Month

Meet Michael, a 5th grader at Wayside ES. This November Player of the Month excels in flag football as well as tackle! Defining determined, injuries do not slow Michael down. After breaking his wrist a few days prior, this dude led the Golden Eagles to a Koa Big East Flag Football Championship! Throughout the season Michael played multiple positions on the flag field but was always under center when his team needed a big play. A veteran of Koa, Michael has also been playing for the Spartan Huskies baseball team the past 3 seasons. No matter what sport he’s playing, Michael attacks the sport with class and athleticism. He has a bright future in anything he puts his mind to!

Kalin C: October 2011 Player of the Month

Congratulations to Koa’s Player of the Month for October, Kalin C.! This softball enthusiast plays on Koa’s 10U Lightning fastpitch team and reps her team name well with her fast as lightning delivery. Opposing players intimidated by this 10-year old’s velocity often step out of the box on pitches right over the plate!

Kalin is a natural athlete, but she puts in the hard work it takes to succeed. She was the only player to attend every practice this season, including one on Halloween! She sometimes arrives at practice even before the coach to work on her pitching. Her mom has the shin bruises to prove it! Kalin is a skilled player who continues to improve rapidly because of her dedication to the sport. We know she will go far!

Rita N: September 2011 Player of the Month

Meet Koa’s September Play of the Month, Rita! Rita is a coach‚Äôs dream with her positive attitude and willingness to try new positions. Rita took command of the team right from the start this season when she was called upon to catch the first doubleheader. She looked as though she had been playing catcher for years as she effortlessly blocked balls and really kept her pitcher on point.

Rita kept a smile on her face both in the field and in the dugout where she was heard cheering on her teammates that were up to bat. She is truly a team player and a key asset to the Koa 12U Cyclones Fastpitch team!!

Matt W: August 2011 Player of the Month

Matt W. is Koa’s August player of the month. This Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS Freshman was a huge asset for Koa’s MCBA summer baseball team. Matt was the “battery” for the club and a real leader on the field. His commitment was evident when he played with pain and battled past injury. All summer, Matt motivated his teammates though his toughness. Coach Tim Nori was very greatful and described Matt as “One of the smartest and toughest kids I have ever coached.” Koa is looking forward to seeing Matt contribute to his High School team moving forward.