Koa Travel/Select Baseball Alumni

Wonder where our graduated Koa Travel Players are playing now? Keep reading and see for yourself! Here are some of our graduates from the last few years and where they are playing. For more information about our Collegiate Development Program, click here!

Koa Player HS Grad Year College
Patrick Hisle 2013 University of Maryland
Michael Yang 2013 Middlebury College
Andrew Beatley 2012 Johns Hopkins University
Brad Hampton 2012 McDaniel College
Tristam Osgood 2012 Oberlin College
Jack Evans 2012 Oberlin College
Lucas Babinec 2011 Macalester College
Jay Graham 2011 Dartmouth College
Nevin Brown 2011 Loyola University of New Orleans
Danny Lee 2010 Oberlin College
Sam Sharpe 2010 Oberlin College
Alex Egber 2010 University of California, Berkeley
Christian Sbily 2010 Tufts University
Justin Coulter 2010 Haverford College
Philip Shulman 2010 Hamilton College
Bennie Sanchez 2009 Savannah College of Art & Design
Pat Siebenlist 2009 Bates College
Daniel Wawrzusin 2009 Holy Cross College
Steve Christakos 2008 Ursinus College
Gabe Feldman 2008 Wake Forest University
Chris Kelly 2008 Trinity College
Marty Hauck 2007 Juniata College
Alex Siegel 2007 Flagler College


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