Parents Code of Conduct

Koa Sports promotes good sportsmanship on the part of players, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or sexist comments or any other intimidating actions directed at officials, players, coaches or team representatives can result in removal from the site of competition and other disciplinary actions.

1. Parents and spectators shall at all times refrain from criticizing officials at any time during a game. Clarifications or disagreements with officials shall be handled by coaches and/or league coordinators, not by players or parents.

2. Parents and spectators shall not publicly criticize any player, including their own athlete, while the athlete is participating in a Koa practice or game.

3. Parents and spectators shall not be argumentative, verbally abusive, or aggressive towards a player, coach, official or team representative.

4. Win, lose, or draw, parents and spectators shall conduct themselves with dignity.

5. Parents and spectators shall not consume alcohol during any Koa Sports practices or games.

Koa reserves the right to take the following actions for violations of Koa’s parental code of conduct.

1. For conduct by a parent, which impacts the well-being of any child engaging in a Koa sports activity: it is within the sole discretion of a coach, umpire, or Koa representative, to request the immediate dismissal of the parent from the event. In the event that the parent refuses to comply with the direction of the coach, umpire or Koa representative to exit the event, Koa reserves the right to remove the child of such parent from the event.

2. For all other conduct by a parent, which is in violation of Koa’s parental code of conduct: a coach, umpire, or Koa representative may refer such action to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board may vote to a) take no action, b) communicate a warning to such parent, c) dismiss the parent for the duration of the activity’s season or portion of the season, or, d) dismiss the child from the duration of the activity season. In the case of the Advisory Board voting for subsection d) of this paragraph, a refund will only be given if Koa is able to find a suitable replacement.


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