Fastpitch FAQs

14U, 12U &10U Girls Fastpitch Softball Travel Team FAQs
Q: Who can play 10U, 12U, or 14U fastpitch travel softball?

A: Any girl who will be the team age or younger on December 31, 2012 is eligible to tryout and play fastpitch. Koa’s travel teams are intended for girls who want to learn to play fastpitch at the highest level (at this age the focus is more on want than ability). Click here for the tryout information.

Q: Where will games be held?

A: Games will be held in the DC Metro Region, but within 1 hour of the Bethesda/Potomac area. Remember, this is a select travel team so be prepared for a little more driving time (but we promise, not too much travel). Spring 2013 games will be held in Northern Virginia, at fields hosted by the Fairfax Youth Fastpitch Association.


Q: On what day will the games be played?

A: In Spring 2013, games will be played on Sundays. The schedule will be finalized by April 1st. Please bear with us in this regard. Once the schedule is set, all the information is posted on your team’s Team Snap site.


Q: Where and when will the next tryouts be held?

A: Fastpitch Travel Team tryouts for the Fall 2013 season will be announced during the Spring 2013 season. On-line registration is required Рno walk-ons will be accepted. All current players and players new to the program must attend tryouts.  Click here for tryout info! If you have an interest, please tryout.


Q: Do I need to register for tryouts?

A: Yes, you must register online at the Koa website ( — sorry no walk-ons allowed. There is a $5 registration fee. Our insurance company requires online waivers for all participants. The company that handles this charges an admin fee and the $5 is at cost for Koa.


Q: What if it rains on tryout day?

A: If it rains on tryout day, there will be a scheduled make-up to attend.


Q: Do the girls have to be in Koa to tryout?

A: Of course not! We encourage all girls who are serious about softball to come try out for the Koa Travel/Select fastpitch teams!


Q: What do the girls need for the tryouts?

A: The girls will need to bring their gloves! We will have bats and helmets for the players, but if they have their own, they are more than welcome to bring them!!


Q: What happens if a player shows a lot of potential but is not quite ready for a Koa Travel/Select team?

A: For some age groups, we will may put together developmental travel teams. These teams will have the same rigorous game and practice schedule as our Travel/Select teams but with a more instructional environment. Developmental travel teams are intended for kids with a strong desire to play travel and the willingness to make the time commitment associated with a Travel/Select team.


Q: Who will coach the teams?

A: The Fastpitch Travel/Select team coaches will be our awesome Koa staff of many former collegiate softball players! (Check out their bios here!!) Parents will not be coaching for these teams (although each team will provide a PM РParent Manager). Each of our coaches has a strong fastpitch background.


Q: Will the coaching be the same for all fastpitch teams?

A: Yes, each team will have their own “Head Coach” and will also be exposed to working with all the Koa fastpitch coaches. We expect to have a coach ratio of 1.5 for practices and games. This means that we may have 2 coaches 1 week, and 1 on another. On average, we strive for 1.5. We strongly believe that exposure to different coaches only benefits player development. Every parent should read our Koa White Paper on the benefits of professional non-parent coaching.


Q: What are the qualifications of the Koa coaches?

A: At Koa Sports, we believe kids can get the best training from experienced coaches and instructors. All the coaches are required to go through extensive background screening. Furthermore, they are trained to follow the plans of our Advisory Board, made up of collegiate athletes and professional players. All teams have interaction with our collegiate players. Full bios for many of our coaches can be found on our staff page. Many of our coaches are collegiate athletes, but all have extensive sports knowledge.


Q: How long is the season?

A: The Spring 2013 season will run approximately 7-8 weeks with league games beginning on April 7th, 2013.

Q: How is playing time determined on the Travel/Select fastpitch teams?

A: On the Travel/Select fastpitch teams, the games will be played 100% to win, and there will not be any focus on equitable rotation, either offensively or defensively. If there is a double header scheduled, the first of the two games will be played to win. The second game of the double header will be focused more on player development (everyone will bat), and there will be more equitable rotation. Of course, during practices there will be equal time spent on all players, irrespective of whether that player is a “starter.”


Q: How do you determine a travel player’s field position?

A: For our Travel/Select teams, our coaches evaluate player skills and place each athlete in a position that will most benefit the team. Depending on the individual player’s skills and the needs of the team, kids may play more than one position in a season. Players may let coaches know of their interest in a particular field position, but we cannot guarantee game play in that position.


Q: Can parents question playing time and field position assignments for travel/select players?

A: No Рnot ever, never! In the travel/select environment, coaches are making decisions based on team needs. Playing time may not be evenly distributed. The first game of a double header is played to win; the 2nd game is for player development. Player position assignments are assigned by the Koa coaches to achieve the best results for the team. All players will receive equitable training and attention in practices. Read our Koa White Paper on The Importance of Non-Parent Coaches.


Q: Will there be practices for the fastpitch teams?

A: Yes, the girls will practice 2 times during the week  for 1.5 hours.


Q: What are the practice expectations for the fastpitch teams?

A: As a member of a Travel/Select team, all fastpitch players are expected to regularly attend practices (and games). All players and parents will be required to sign the Koa Parent/Player Contract. Of course we understand that occasional conflicts may arise, but players must do their best to make it to every possible practice and game.


Q: Do the teams ever go inside and practice if you get rained out?

A: Yes! If a team gets rained out 3 times, on the third time we will try to schedule an indoor practice (subject to availability). There will not be a charge for this.


Q: Do practice times ever change during a season?

A: Yes, as daylight conditions change during the season we may need to adjust practice times. In the fall this means earlier start times later in the season and for the spring it means later start times after daylight savings time begins. We want all teams to get in as much time on the field as they can during the season so we take advantage of the longer days whenever possible.


Q: Will there be mandatory winter workouts for the team?

A: Absolutely! After the fall season, the girls will register to practice with their teammates all through the winter. These will occur between January and March, roughly once a week for 7 weeks. The cost of the winter workouts is around $250. The winter is a great time to improve fundamentals in preparation for the spring games.


Q: Where will the winter workouts be located?

A: Winter 2013 workouts are scheduled to take place at the Potomac United Methodist Church (9908 S Glen Rd Potomac MD).


Q: What is the cost to play on the fastpitch team for the Spring 2013 season?

A: $799, which includes the cost of the uniform ($70). The fee covers coaching, fields, insurance, tournament fees, back office administrative work, etc. Uniforms are sold at the actual cost to Koa, there is no mark up. Teams get new uniforms each spring and wear them for the spring and following fall seasons.


Q: What if I have to withdraw from the team?

A: There will be no team/league refunds given to any individual player who withdraws after the published registration deadline. If an additional replacement player can be found to take the spot of a withdrawing player, we will be able to refund league fees minus a 20% administrative fee. The administrative fee covers among other things, time spent (1) contacting new payers, (2) adjusting rosters, (3) notifying host league, and (4) hosting a new tryout. If we cannot find a replacement player, you will receive credit for a future program.


Q. Is there any special equipment needed for fastpitch softball?

A. We require players to wear helmets with a facemask and chin strap.


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Q. What does the Koa Summer Fastpitch program look like?

A. We have a 12U summer fastpitch team with very limited space. This is an invitation-only tournament team with two 1.5
hour practices per week. In the past
we have played 2-3 tournaments in the June and July months.  The season will not go past July 31st.


Q. What is the summer team practice schedule?



Q. What are the dates of the summer fastpitch season?

A. The program will start mid-June and end in late July. We will not meet over the July 4th holiday – July 1-4.


Q. What is the tournament schedule?

Q. What is the cost for the summer fastpitch travel team?

A. The cost of the 2011 summer fastpitch travel team was $350 per player plus the cost of a uniform if needed ($70) If you played on a Koa spring fastpitch team you do not need a new uniform.