Mudcat League

Mudcat Girls Softball Modified Fastpitch League

Koa’s Mudcat League provides an exciting intro to the sport of softball in a safe and fun environment.  Players start in Koa’s Rookie T-ball League and progress to our Mudcat Softball League.  Our parent-pitch model is an excellent way to get your daughter to enjoy the fundamentals of the game.  Expect this program to be fun with some instruction, with players learning team camaraderie and sportsmanship. Mudcat League introduces your player to Koa softball and our passionate and professional coaches, providing an opportunity to instill “the love of the game” in your athlete at an early age! If it’s a good fit, we hope all of our Mudcat League players will eventually try out for Koa’s fastpitch softball program, which runs from 10U-14U.

Ages:  1st-4th grade girlsmudcat
Dates:  April 7-June 2
Game Day: Sunday Afternoons
Time: TBA
Practice Fields: TBA -
Game FIelds: Carderock Springs ES
7401 Persimmon Tree Lane
Bethesda MD 20817

Spring 2013 Mudcat Rules

Age Group League Purpose
1st-4th Grader Mudcat League
(Parent Pitch)
Learn the fundamentals of softball
in a safe and fun environment. Expect Koa
coaches to work on skills, but being positive
and focused on teamwork is their number 1 goal!

Program Description: Koa’s Mudcat Softball League is an open-registration rec softball league for girls in 1st-4th grades.  Koa has 1 division- Coach/Parent Pitch. Teams will have approximately 13 players to ensure enough players for a successful game while providing fair and equal playing time.  The season is 7 weeks long (with a rain-out date) and teams generally have 1 practice per week and 1 game on the weekends (occasional double headers).  There are no travel requirements.  Click here for the Mudcat League rules.  Players can choose from 3 coaching options outlined below. Please note, if the option you select is under-enrolled, you will be given the opportunity to switch to a different coaching option for the season. Koa offers three different coaching options:

  • Option #1 ‚Äì Games and practices are 100% parent coached.
  • Option #2 ‚Äì Players (as a team) attend weekly Koa coached practices, but games are parent coached.
  • Option #3 ‚Äì Koa‚Äôs professional coaches handle all practices and games.

Athletes and families selecting option 2 or 3 will be assigned one of Koa’s professional coaches, all of whom boast playing and coaching experience, and have passed through our background check system. These coaches (and you and your athlete) are aided by our full-time staff, including Koa’s Director of Softball.  All players benefit from Koa’s full-time administrators who handle field assignments, scheduling, uniforms, equipment, practice plans and more. Each team must have a Parent Manager (PM) – the position requires no more than 10 minutes a week. Option #3 Teams must also have a volunteer Parent Assistant Coach (PAC).

Note: Koa Option 1 and Koa Option 2: Koa may add players to any Mudcat Softball team that has not reached the maximum capacity of 13 players.
Note: Koa Option 2 and Koa Option 3: Players may make-up missed practices at any other age appropriate Koa practice.

Contact Mindi about forming a team in the T-Ball Rookie League today!

1st-4th Grade
Mudcat League
#1 – 100% Parent Coached $99.00 $20 – uniform
$60 – league fee
$19 – insurance fee
#2 – Koa Coached practices/
Parent Coached games
$199.00 $20 – uniform
$60 – league fee
$19 – insurance fee
$100 – coaching fee
#3 – 100% Koa Coached $299.00 $20 – uniform
$60 – league fee
$19 – insurance fee
$200 – coaching fee

Mudcat League Registration is closed.

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