We’ve covered the FAQs about our Koa Girls Softball/Modified Fastpitch League below, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mindi Susskind

Q: Who can play in the Spring 2013 Koa Mudcat League?
A: Any girl in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grades for the 2012-13 school year is welcome to join the Mudcat League. Registration is closed for the Spring 2013 season.

Q: What are the Mudcat League coaching options?
A: In the Koa Mudcat League we offer a 3-tiered coaching option for all players and teams.

Option 1) Each player pays a per/player fee to participate in the Mudcat League (includes bases, catcher’s gear, umpire fees, and uniform). A team parent handles the practice and game coaching. A practice field will be given subject to availability (please note, county fields are also available for a nominal rental fee). Suggested practice plans are provided.

Option 2) Each player pays a per/player fee to participate in the Mudcat League (includes bases, catcher’s gear, umpire fees, and uniform). A team parent coaches at the games. Players will have a weekday practice run by a Koa coach.

Option 3) Each player pays a per/player fee to participate in the Mudcat League (includes bases, catcher’s gear, umpire fees, and uniform). A professional Koa coach handles the games, and the team practices. All team players may attend any other Koa practice for makeups, and when available, to get additional practice. A practice field will be provided. (LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE)

** Please note, if the option you select is under-enrolled, you will be given the opportunity to switch to a different coaching option for the season.**

Q: What is the cost of the Koa Mudcat Teams?
A: See the cost for each option below.

SEC Division- 2nd-4th Grade-(Coach Pitch)
Option 1- $99
Option 2- $199
Option 3- $299

Q: How do I get on a Mudcat League team?
A: It‚Äôs easy to play on a Mudcat team. When you sign up for the Mudcat League, you can come to Koa with a pre-formed team (highly encouraged), or you can opt to have Koa place you on an age appropriate team. If you have a pre-formed team, email Parent Relations Director Mindi Susskind to move your entire team over to the Mudcat League. Keep in mind that we will do everything possible to accommodate all requests to play with friends, but if you don’t come in with an entire team, we cannot guarantee this. When registering, be sure to include your friends’ names at the “requests” prompt.

Q: How are teams formed?
A: First and foremost, a pre-formed team is kept together as long as they provide a full roster. Then, we split players by option (#1, #2, #3). We then move on to friend requests, and place athletes together by player preference. Priority number 3 is any practice day preferences listed during sign-ups. Lastly, we look at school/geographic location.¬†Please be sure to indicate any placement requests at the “Player Preferences” prompt during registration

Q: I’m a parent coach – but I’d like to bring my entire team in the Mudcat program. Is that possible?
A: Absolutely! Our Option 1 or Option 2 may be just what you are looking for. Or if you choose Option 3 you can still be a PAC, Parent Assistant Coach (see our Coaching Options FAQ). Contact Mindi for more info!

Q: What are the qualifications of the Koa coaches?
A: All the Koa coaches are required to go through extensive background screening and training. Full bios for many of our coaches can be found on our staff page (click here for bios).

Q: What does a “professional” coach mean?
A: In simplest terms, it means the coach is required to (a) follow the practice plans designed and implemented by the Koa collegiate and professional ball players; (b) have extensive background screening and training performed; and (c) strive to adhere to our code of “PEP” (always POSITIVE, with ENERGY, and PROFESSIONAL).

Q: How much parent involvement is required for the Mudcat League?
A: None is required. However, depending on the coaching model you choose, parents can determine their degree of involvement. Each Koa coached team (Option 3) will be asked to provide a PM (Parent Manager) and a PAC (Parent Assistant Coach). The role of the PM is to act as the communications point person between Koa and the team. Through the use of Team Snap, a centralized scheduling program, the job is easy! The PAC (and/or the PAC’s designee) will assist the Koa Head Coach in the pre-game practices and will coach 1st base during the games. The Koa Coach will provide game-time advice and strategy to the girls.

Q: Who will be pitching?
A: For the Spring 2013 League, the Koa coach, parent coach, or a PAC will pitch to their own team.

Q: When will the games be held?
A: We will play on Sunday afternoons. The pre-game warmup and practice will be held immediately before the game. The Spring 2013 season games will begin in April and run for 7 weeks with an additional week reserved for rain make-ups. Practices start the week preceding the first game.

Q: Do practice times ever change during a season?
A: Yes, as daylight conditions change during the season we will need to adjust practice times. In the fall this means earlier start times later in the season and for the spring it means later start times after daylight savings time begins. We want all teams to get in as much time on the field as they can during the season so we take advantage of the longer days whenever possible.

Q: Will the games have umpires?
A: Yes, the games will have umpires!

Q: How long is the season?
A: The Spring 2013 season begins in April and runs for 7 weeks, with an additional week reserved for make-ups.

Q: Where will the games be held?
A: Games will be held at Carderock Springs ES.

Q: What equipment will my player need?
A: Players should come to every game and practice with their glove. Personal bats and helmets are optional. Please note, those concerned about lice may want their player to have her own helmet. Many players also choose to wear mouth guards. Players should wear sneakers or cleats.

Q: What should my player wear at games and practices?
A: Players should wear the Mudcat uniform (Koa-issued Mudcat jersey, shorts and socks) to every game. Sneakers or cleats should be worn to games and practices. Players must wear their Mudcat jersey to any Koa practice they attend. Wear comfortable shorts or pants — no jeans or jewelry please!

Q: How many teams do you expect to have in each division?
A: Based on the interest we have had, we expect each division to have between 4-8 teams per division. Because of our professional coaching model, space is very limited for Option 2 and 3 teams.

Q: What is the age range for players competing?
A: The Mudcat League age range for competing players generally goes from +/- 1 or 2 years/grades. Other local leagues can go +/- 2 to 3 years, which is normal for many “open registration” sports.

Q: When is the cutoff date for registration?
A: Registration closes February 15th, contact Mindi for wait list info.

What if I have
to withdraw from the League?

A: There will be no team/league refunds given to any individual player who withdraws after the published registration deadline. If an additional replacement player can be found to take the spot of a withdrawing player, we will be able to refund league fees minus a 20% administrative fee. The administrative fee covers among other things, time spent (1) contacting new payers, (2) adjusting rosters, (3) notifying host league, and (4) hosting a new tryout. If we cannot find a replacement player we will give you credit towards a future Koa program, minus the administrative fees.

Q: Do you have a regular fast pitch program?
A: We offer Travel/Select fastpitch teams if your daughter is looking for something at a higher level.

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