T-ball FAQs

We’ve covered the FAQ’s about our Koa Girls K-1st Softball below, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mindi Susskind (mindi@koasports.org).

Q – Who can play in the Koa Girls K-1st Fall Softball Program?
A – Any girl who is in the Kindergarten or 1st grade for the 2011-12 school year is welcome.

Q — How do I get in the Koa Girls K-1st Softball program?
A ‚Äì It‚Äôs easy — simply¬†click here to register!

Q – Who will coach?
A – At koa sports, we believe kids can get the best training from experienced coaches and instructors (check out our Coach Bio page (click here for bios).  Most of our coaches are collegiate athletes and they will run the clinics and coach the instructional scrimmages.

Q – When will the clinics be held?
A – We will play on Sunday afternoons (Times TBD).  Each week we will go over different fundamentals with skills and drills and as the clinic progresses we will introduce instructional scrimmages. The 2nd Grade Only program will focus on preparing the girls for league play in the falll. Program will be held at The Connelly School of the Holy Child in Potomac..

Q — Will there be a mid-week practice?
 РNo, not at the K-2 level.

Q –  Will the games have umpires?
A – No, the K-2 level instructional scrimmages will not have umpires.

Q – Where will the program be held?
A – We will meet at The Connelly School of the Holy Child (9309 Bradley Blvd/ Potomac, MD 20854)..

Q – When is the cutoff date for spring registration?
A – March 31, 2011Рafter that time please contact Mindi for placement/wait list information

Q – How much does it cost to play in the Koa K-2 Spring Softball Program?
A – The fee per player is $170.00 and includes a Koa Jersey and professional coaching.

Q – What if I already play another spring sport?
A – Koa believes kids should be playing several sports, especially at this age.  Our Sunday schedule will eliminate many fall soccer conflicts.


K-1 Weekly Practice Plan

Dynamic Warm-up
5 minutes
Ground Balls with Partner
5 minutes
Practice Swinging Technique
15 minutes
Batting/Fielding Practice/Scrimmage
30 minutes
Warm Down
5 minutes


2nd Grade Weekly Practice Plan

Dynamic Warm-up
5 minutes
Ground Balls with Coach
5 minutes
**Focus of the Week**
25 minutes
Batting/Fielding Practice/Scrimmage
35 minutes
Warm Down
5 minutes

*Focus of the Week*


Week 1: Learn Koa Code, Positioning on the Field

Field positions
Week 2: Ground Balls

Focusing on correct fielding position (alligator)
Week 3: Base Running

Correct order to run around the field, run through 1st base
Week 4: Proper Swings

Squish the bug, hand placement on the bat, weight transfer
Week 5: Defense Positioning on the Field

Ready positions for all positions, including batter
Week 6: Hitting

Making eye contact with the ball
Week 7: Advanced Fielding
Attempting throws to 1st, focusing on plays once ball is in play