Girls Flag Football FAQs


Q. Who can play in the Koa Fall Girls Flag Football League?
A. Any girl in grades K-8th can play in our Fall Girls Flag Football League. We’re also offering a Boys League for grades K-8th (click here for boys info). Within the Girls League, teams will be divided by age groups.

Q. Who will coach the teams?
A. A team parent handles the pre-game practice session and game coaching.The team pays a per/player fee to participate in the Koa Flag Football League (includes ref fees, flag equipment, game balls, jerseys, insurance, field fees). Pre-formed teams are highly encouraged. Suggested practice plans are provided. All parent coaches must follow the Code of Conduct

Q. How can I register for a Flag Football Team?
A. It’s easy to register for a Koa Flag team. Simply click here now, or from the website click on the registration tab. Pre-formed teams are highly encouraged! Players may sign up individually but will be placed on teams based on availability.

Q. Will you have practices? How long are practices and games?
A. Our K-8th Flag Football Teams will meet once a week for 1 hour 15 minutes. The teams will have a practice/warmup period followed by a game. Of course teams are welcome to hold team separate parent-run team practices.

Q. When and where will you have games and practices?
A. Games will take place on Sundays generally scheduled between 9am and 5pm at Luxmanor ES. We will post the game schedule on Team Snap at the beginning of the season once we receive the field permits.

Q. Will there be a pre-season training camp option?
A. Yes ‚Äì players are welcome to register for the 3 week pre-season flag football training camp. Koa’s professional coaches run the camp and work on skills and drills to get ready for the fall season. Camp is open for kids in grades 2nd-8th grades and starts Saturday, September 22. Here’s the link for more info!

Q. How many players are on a team and does everyone get equal playing time?
A. Each team will have a roster of roughly 9-10 players. Because we are playing 7 on 7, our roster size will allow for absences and appropriate substitutions. Every player will have the opportunity for playing time.

Q. Will teams always play within their age groups?
A. Our goal is to have teams play other teams within 1 grade level so that players aren’t playing up or down more than 1 year.

Q. Will the games have referees?
A. Yes! All Koa Fall Flag Football League games will have 2 trained referees to manage the game and ensure that play is fair, safe and the rules are followed.

Q. How big are the fields?
A. Depending on the age groups, our fields are between 60 yards and 80 yards.

Q. When does Koa permit a player to be the QB?
A. At the K-4th grade level we have Coach QBs (except a coach may permit a player to play QB, especially 3rd and 4th grade teams). At all levels above 4th grade, it’s all player QBs.

Q. Are there playoffs?
A. Yep – we will have playoffs the last weekend of the season!

Q. How can I learn about the Koa Flag Football League rules?
A. We have posted a link to our parent‚Äôs guide to the flag football rules on Koa’s website ( Please note that our rules generally follow collegiate intramural rules.

Q. What equipment will I need to buy?
A. koa sports will provide all the field equipment such as flags, balls, etc. Each registered player will get a Koa jersey to wear at all the games. You will need to purchase a mouth guard. Cleats are strongly recommended but not required.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The fee for the Fall Girls Flag Football League is $100/player. The fee includes flag equipment, field rental, refs, insurance and player jersey.

Q. What if I have to withdraw from the League?
A. There will be no team/league refunds given to any individual player who withdraws after the published registration deadline. If an additional replacement player can be found to take the spot of a withdrawing player, we will be able to refund league fees minus a 20% administrative fee. The administrative fee covers among other things, time spent (1) contacting new payers, (2) adjusting rosters, (3) new uniforms.

Q. How long is the Fall Girls Flag Football season?
A. Our 4 week season begins November 4 and runs through November 25.